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Remote Controls
by Wim Sierat

Id like to turn your attention to the humble remote control be it your TV remote control,air conditioning remote,dvd remote, or even PC remote, with all consideration one of the worst treated things in the house stepped on kicked dropped even chewed by the family dog
enough said I'm going to help with,testing your remote,replacement of your remote control,and repairing your remote control.

First, I like to start with the batteries.  The best
way is with a battery tester.  If that is not available
then a multimeter can be used.   If you are not familiar with a multimeter it is worth your while reading my
section on multimeters.  Once you have past the
battery test, move on to the next test, and
probably the most important one.  Most remote controls are
known as (ir) inferred which means it sends a MSG via line of sight through a little light flashing at a very fast rate so fast you cant see it.

But here is a little trick.  I do this with my phone but you can do this with any camera device.  Simply place the camera above the remote control as if you are looking at the little light on the remote control through the camera or in other words to see the end of the remote control that you would normaly point at the tv to change channels, no need to record or take a photo just preview it, as you are doing this, press any button on the remote control it should flash.  If not, try it with a working remote control to see what your looking for in the faulty remote control.  If you find that there is no flashing light try different buttons if you see some buttons work an others don't there is good reasons for that.  Two more reasons come to mind.  The logic circuit is faulty, or with hope the buttons are warnout, if so, bring it in or send it in for repair.